Digital SPMU Brows

Welcome to our specialised studio, where we offer two distinct and captivating semi-permanent eyebrow services: Combination Brows, affectionately known as 'combo brows,' and Ombre Brows.

Combination Brows:
Indulge in the artistry of our Combination Brows service—an advanced semi-permanent brow design seamlessly blending the natural fine hairstroke replication technique with a soft pixelated ombre effect. This sophisticated shading technique achieves a perfect harmony of realism and softness. A vital follow-up session 4-6 weeks post-initial procedure ensures optimal results, allowing for personalised adjustments in pigment colour, brow thickness, and additional strokes. This touch-up session is particularly beneficial for those with oily skin, ensuring a flawless look that retains colour throughout the entire year.

Ombre Brows:
Explore the elegance of Ombre Brows—a technique involving the precise application of extremely small pixels of pigment shaded into the skin, resulting in a soft and powdered brow appearance. Crafted to achieve a gradient effect, these brows exhibit a denser colour at the tail, gracefully fading to a lighter shade in the middle. The outcome ranges from sharp and defined to soft and shaded, offering a customised, drawn-on effect that perfectly complements individual preferences.

As part of our commitment to your satisfaction, we recommend scheduled "colour boosts" every 12-18 months to refresh and enhance your brows. This ensures a consistently crisp and well-defined look without overwhelming your skin with excess pigment over time. Our services are tailored to meet your unique desires, promising enduring, exquisite results that highlight the natural beauty of your brows.
Free consultation and patch test£0.00
Hair stroke & Combination Brows£295.00
Powder or Ombre Brows£270.00
Touch up 4-6 weeks£50.00
Brow maintenance (12-18 months)£150.00

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