Digital SPMU Eyeliner

Introducing our Lash Enhancement Tattoo, also known as invisible eyeliner—a transformative cosmetic procedure designed to accentuate your natural beauty. This technique delicately applies a thin layer of pigment, mirroring the thickness and length of your own lashes without a visible flick or extended tip.

The discreet application seamlessly fills in between your lashes, conjuring the illusion of fuller, darker lashes without the appearance of traditional makeup. This versatile procedure can be performed on the top, bottom, or both lash lines, ensuring your eyes are subtly and permanently defined. Lash enhancement is particularly advantageous for individuals with sparse lashes, as it amplifies the beauty of the eyes, contributing to a more youthful and radiant appearance.

Experience the magic of Lash Enhancement Tattoo—a subtle yet impactful enhancement that beautifully frames your eyes and brings out the best in your natural features.
Free consultation and patch test£0.00
Lash Enhancement top and bottom£230.00
Lash Enhancement top £180.00
Lash Enhancement bottom£135.00
Touch up 4-6 weeks£50.00
Yearly maintenance 9-12 months£120.00
Yearly maintanance 12-15 months£140.00
Yearly maintenance 15-18 months£170.00

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