Digital SPMU Lips

Welcome to our Lip Blushing service, a semi-permanent makeup solution that delicately enhances and defines your lips through the artistry of cosmetic tattooing. Using a specialised tattoo gun on a low setting, our skilled technicians create a beautiful, soft, and shaded-in colour for your lips.

Lip blushing offers results similar to lip fillers by providing a subtle fullness and definition to your lips. However, unlike fillers, lip blushing doesn't alter the natural shape or sensation of your lips. Instead, it focuses on enhancing lip symmetry, covering uneven pigmentation or scars, and creating the illusion of naturally bigger and fuller lips. The technique delivers a sophisticated and natural look that complements your facial features, leaving you with beautifully tinted lips that effortlessly enhance your overall aesthetic.

Indulge in our Lip Blushing service for a semi-permanent, low-maintenance solution that adds a touch of allure to your lips, boosting your confidence and radiance with every smile.
Free consultation and patch test£0.00
Lip liner£150.00
Full Lip blush£240.00
Touch up 4-6 weeks£50.00
Yearly maintenance 9-12 months£100.00
Yearly maintenance 12-15 months£120.00
Yearly maintenance 15-18 months £130.00

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